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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Andra ParvuAndra Parvu
Passed in Portsmouth
The entire LDC system and it’s resources offer a pleasant and smooth experience when it comes to learning to drive. The professionalism Sean displayed during every lesson was brilliant, coupled with his patience and will to go over things no matter how many times until I got it right. I really appreciated the fact that there was structure to my progress,so it was easy to understand what I was doing right and what areas needed more practice. At the same time, I was always comfortable in the car knowing that I would never have to do anything terrifying at the time to push my boundaries. I can say that learning to drive was an enjoyable stress - free experience and I am really happy I chose LDC, and Sean as my instructor.

Joe Knight
I passed first time with Sean using the “LD System”. His teaching style is calming and confidence building. Constant feedback and his adaptive method worked to help me get though fast without missing any important things. I was not taught how to pass I was taught how to drive anywhere.