Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Alan PeberdyAlan Peberdy
Passed 1st time in Portsmouth
One of the most important decisions in learning to drive is finding the right Instructor. Sean is certainly that and more, patient and with a good sense of humour, he creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment to learn in. His focus is firmly on making you the very best and safest driver you can be. Each lesson we had was highly productive and fun at the same time. I passed first time and during the test I felt fully confident in dealing with any situation on the road as well as any instructions given by the Examiner. I couldn’t have done it without Sean. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 10/10.

Holly CourtneidgeHolly Courtneidge
Sean is without doubt the best Instructor I've had. After many attempts when I was 17/18, I moved to London for University. I was very unconfident and thought I'd never pass. Moving back to Portsmouth I looked for local instructors and found Sean's card in the local chip shop...it was meant to be! I explained my doubts and was met with complete understanding and patience from the start. Every lesson was great and I always felt I could ask anything at all and receive an honest answer. I am so grateful to Sean for helping me to finally pass...I would recommend him to anyone.

Lee MackLee Mack
Glee for Lee at Lee on Solent!
Sean Pollard was a great Instructor. He was always on time and very friendly. He made me very confident and it’s been a pleasure to work together with him. Many thanks.

Jamie RobertsJamie Roberts
Nice one Jamie!
Sean is great! He has been patient, supportive and encouraging throughout my learning experience. Going through driving techniques step by step, adjusting his teaching style and pace to suit me on the day. I truly believe Sean has not just taught for the test but to be a competent driver of the future. Thank you Sean!

Harry MorrisHarry Morris
A great pass!
After using three other Instructors I can safely say that Sean was by far the best. His attitude, his banter and tutelage are absolutely top notch. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! 10/10.

Jack BeechJack Beech
Passed in Portsmouth
My Instructor was very patient and informative throughout the entire learning process all the way up to the test. I always felt calm under his wing and would highly recommend Sean to anyone if they wish to pass their test!

Charlotte Heath
Passed in Lee on Solent
Sean really helped to build my confidence on the roads and I have gone from being slightly nervous as a driver to becoming a confident and calm person whilst behind the wheel. The LDC workbook and preparation resources were incredibly useful and helped me massively.

Matt WilsonMatt Wilson
First time pass
Straight talking, no nonsense driving instruction. Teaches not only how to pass the test but how to be a sensible, safe and competent all round driver. I would highly recommend him and LDC to anyone.

Andra ParvuAndra Parvu
Passed in Portsmouth
The entire LDC system and it’s resources offer a pleasant and smooth experience when it comes to learning to drive. The professionalism Sean displayed during every lesson was brilliant, coupled with his patience and will to go over things no matter how many times until I got it right. I really appreciated the fact that there was structure to my progress,so it was easy to understand what I was doing right and what areas needed more practice. At the same time, I was always comfortable in the car knowing that I would never have to do anything terrifying at the time to push my boundaries. I can say that learning to drive was an enjoyable stress - free experience and I am really happy I chose LDC, and Sean as my instructor.

Joe Knight
I passed first time with Sean using the “LD System”. His teaching style is calming and confidence building. Constant feedback and his adaptive method worked to help me get though fast without missing any important things. I was not taught how to pass I was taught how to drive anywhere.